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Binding: Paperback

Pages: 92 

ISBN: 1-934029-05-X


Translated from French by Brian Evenson & Joanna Howard


Marcel Cohen was born in 1937 in Asnieres and currently lives in Paris. He has traveled and worked a journalist in the Hamalayas, Assam, and the Middle East, Latin America, and the United States. His work translated into English includes Walls (Anamneses) (Black Square Editions/The Brooklyn Rail, 2009), In Search Of A Lost Ladino (IBIS Editions, 2005), Mirrors (Green Integer, 1998), and The Peacock Emperor Moth (Burning Deck, 1995). He has written on the work of Antonio Saura as well as other artists, and his volume of interviews with Edmond Jabes, From The Desert To The Book, was published by Barrytown/Station Hill Press in 1990. Cohen’s work has been translated into Greek, Norwegian, Danish, Hebrew, Spanish, and English.

Walls (Anamneses) by Marcel Cohen translated by Brian Evenson & Joanna Howard

  • A compendium of aphoristic passages, a flipbook of presences and absences, an exquisitely minimalist travelogue-cum-commonplace book, a remembrance of things past by way of the fragment: it is difficult to categorize this text, which was originally published in 1979, but it is quite easy to appreciate its grave acumen and elegance.

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