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VIVA LA DIFFERENCE is the second in a series of anthologies devoted to the work of a single artist, the first being NEW SMOKE (2009), which took the paintings of Neo Rauch as its starting point. Contributors to this new anthology of poems inspired by the painting of Peter Saul include John Yau, Ronna Lebo, Catherine Shainberg, Judson Evans, Susan Berger-Jones, Claudia LaRocco, Eileen Hennessey, and Boni Joi. As editor John Yau writes in his introduction: "Our intention was different; we wanted something that resisted being colonized by language, something that could not be encapsulated. Our intention was not to be an impressionist or to tell a story. Those are well-known solutions, and, frankly, we wanted something else."

Viva la Difference

  • PubDate: 12/1/2010 ISBN: 9780979149511 Binding: PAPERBACK Pages: 80
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