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Black Square Editions is excited to publish a new edition of To Smithereens, a novel by Rosalyn Drexler that has been unavailable for far too long. When To Smithereens was originally published 1972, the New York Review of Books said of it “There’s hope for literature yet.”Based on Drexler’s life, the novel chronicles the adventures of a lady wrestler named Rosa Carlo the Mexican Spitfire.About the AuthorRosalyn Drexler was born in 1926 and her creative career has been long and varied, as she has written novels, essays, and plays as well as painted explosive images that rival the best work of the Pop-art generation. Her paintings of Marilyn Monroe harried by paparazzi offer a very different view than Warhol’s bodiless portraits.Drexler’s books include I Am the Beautiful Stranger, Bad Guy, Art Does (Not!) Exist, Vulgar Lives, and the forthcoming Tree Man: A Tough Situation. Drexler has won countless awards including a Primetime Emmy award for Best Writing in Comedy-Variety, Variety or Music in 1974 for her work on Lily (1973), several Obies, and a Guggenheim fellowship. Her paintings are in major American museums, such the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, and the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; she has showed at PaceWildenstein, and her work has been hailed across the world for its character and wit. Long before a younger generation began working in different mediums, Drexler painted and wrote with trenchant intelligence and insight.

To Smithereens by Rosalyn Drexler

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  • Publication Date: 2011 ISBN-10: 1934029637 Paperback 188 Pages
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