Binding: Paperback
Pages: 156

ISBN: 978-0-9997028-7-1


Billie Chernicoff was born in Detroit, grew up in the Catskills, went to Bard College and now lives in a blue house one street away from the Hudson River; great outstretched arm of the Atlantic Ocean. Minor Secrets is her fifth book of poetry. Her other titles are The Red Dress (Dr. Cicero Books), The Pleasures (, Waters Of (Lunar Chandelier Collective), and Bronze (Lunar Chandelier Collective). Billie is also co-editor of The Doris, a magazine of new writing and translation.

Minor Secrets by Billie Chernicoff

  • Exhilarating freedom and subtle command, lyric surprise and an electric movement of mind - all that and more runs through every line of Billie Chernicoff's Minor Secrets. The erotic splendor of her theologies and the ferociously gentle magic of her music yield a strange and ancient newness as fresh as anything in American poetry today.