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Binding: Paperback
Pages: 224

ISBN: 978-0-9997028-5-7


Rachel Blau DuPlessis is the author of the multivolume long poem Drafts (written between 1986 and 2012), of the recent collage poems Number (2018) and Graphic Novella (2015), and of a second long poem in book-length episodes called Traces, with Days, a set that includes Late Work (Black Square Editions, 2020). In her critical career, she has written extensively on gender, poetry and poetics; on objectivist poets (as well as editing The Selected Letters of George Oppen); and on modern and contemporary Anglophone poetry. She lives in Philadelphia.

Late Work by Rachel Blau Duplessis

  • Late Work by Rachel Blau DuPlessis joins the recently published Days and Works (2017) and Around the Day in 80 Worlds (2018) as part of her new long poem, Traces, with Days, appearing in book-length episodes. A meditation on time, its vagaries, its intimate, affecting mixes of the political and the cosmological, Late Work shows DuPlessis's characteristic and irreverent shifts of tone, her richness of reference, and her energetic uses of genre and texture. This work epitomizes the generous pleasures of a singular poetic project.

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