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Binding: Paperback

Pages: 156

ISBN: 978-1-7363248-8-2


Joseph Donahue is an American poet, critic, and editor. He was born in Texas and grew up in Massachusetts. He currently teaches at Duke University and lives in Durham, NC. His poetry collections include Red Flash on a Black Field (2015, Black Square Editions), Dark Church (2015, Verge Books), Dissolves (2012, Talisman House), and Terra Lucida (2012, Talisman House).

Infinite Criteria by Joseph Donahue

  • Inspired initially by free-style haiku of the 19th century, Joseph Donahue's Infinite Criteria plunges into a life where you appear safe but are assaulted by violence, treachery, greed, lust, then sudden breath-stopping beauty, laughter, music, and love—all intensified by the immedicay of impermanence and consciousness of a world that exists beyond perception. 

  • In Infinite Criteria, Joseph Donahue, a master of seriality and the extended lyric, has transformed the haiku from the inside out. A devout Blakean, Donahue instinctively understands what it means "To see a World in a Grain of Sand." Abrupt, disjuctive, sometimes unnerving, and altogether ecstatic, these grains of sand show us both inner and outer worlds: "The molecules that gather/to be you have a fate/beyond you." 

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