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Translated from the French by Laura Mullen. "for a long time one believed that heroes were confined to a frame. / Frame of life, television screen, window open or shut. / How do their feet touch the Grund? / A sound of footsteps drags them from solitude, and immediately time accumulates on the surface of their features. / Beginning then the impossible missions and dangerous journeys, the coded conversations."—from HERO


Veronique Pittolo is a French author of fifteen books and has won the 2004 Societe des Gens de Lettres and the Yvan Goil prize. She teaches writing in Paris at the Institute Gustave Roussy.


Laura Mullen is McElveen Professor in English at LSU and the author of eight books.


Hero by Veronique Pittolo translated by Laura Mullen

  • Pub Date: 12/30/2018
    ISBN 978-0-9997028-0-2
    Binding: PAPERBACK
    Weight 0 lbs.7 oz.

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