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Binding: Paperback

Pages: 94 

ISBN: 0-9744065-0-3 


John Olson is the author of Echo Regime, a collection of poetry also from Black Square Editions. His poetry and short stories have appeared in numerous journals and magazines, including Talisman, First Intensity, Volt, Lingo, New American Writing, and American Letters & Commentary. His literary criticism appears frequently in the American Book Review and Rain Taxi. His essay Inebriate of Air was published in the recent M.I.T. Press anthology, Writing on Air.

Free Stream Velocity by John Olson

  • John Olson is writing the most outlandish, strange, and inventive prose poetry ever in the history of the prose poem. Olson’s writing is so agitated with transformation that it can barely contain the skin of its own given language. It is a volcanic, fresh, and scalding rush.” -Clayton Eshleman“In the stream of these astonishing observations, science and surrealism are a single wave, charged with riotous particle, that only Olson Laboratories has the capacity to record. From DNA to deep fields of space, to our world of shopping carts, birdhouses and anchovies. John Olson’s ecstatic science tests for the truth of our chemicals, and our syntax, in bursts of intelligence, compassion and delight.

  • John Olson loves language more than any poet I know. His work just keeps getting better, which is why the publication of this book is an event.

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