“Fortification Resort’s multi-perspectival prose proposes imagined worlds contiguously saturated by modes of nourishment and shapes of loss. Crawford’s structured improvisations delineate microclimates of strangeness, civility, fullness, and insufficiency within human community. Her quirky sentences are remarkably palpable and personal, bringing the reader crazy-quilt close to object meeting skin.” -Carla Harryman

“If anyone asks, you can tell them that contemporary America’s outstanding literary realist is named Lynn Crawford, and that she goes around disguised as a formalist. Read these ‘prose sestinas’ and learn more than you may be willing to know about who we are and the ‘fortification resort’ we live in—or just be entertained, if you can, by her verbal bravura. Whatever: When you read that ‘our current project is an unisex hydrating cream that doubles as insulation against low temperature chill,’ you’ve got to think, Damn, I need some of that.” 
-Barry Schwabsky

Fortification Resort by Lynn Crawford

  • Publication Date: 2005 ISBN: 09744065-6-2 Paperback 81 Pages