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INDIGO ANGEL – (All three volumes, Mood Indigo, Brilliant Corners, Air Time)

Indio Angel is a book of many: many voices, many points of departure, many ways of living and communing—all elemental and belonging to the complex, wondrous disaster that is human history, but also all in search of new forms, new contexts, new impulses for being subjects in time, new ways of understanding time. In this three-part meditation on what feels like everything, Jeanne Heuving builds intricate, playful, and deftly articulated passages, corners, moods for our unraveling. An immense reading experience.

—Renee Gladman 


Jeanne Heuving is a writer and scholar. She was the 2022 Judith E. Wilson Fellow in Poetry, Cambridge University (UK). Heuving's The Transmutation of Love and Avant-Garde Poetics is in the Modern and Contemporary Poetics series (University of Alabama Press 2016). Her cross genre book Incapacity (Chiasmus Press)won a 2004 Book of the Year Award from Small Press Traffic. Other books include Transducer (Chax 2008), and Omissions Are Not Accidents:  Gender in the Art of Marianne Moore (Wayne State, 1992). She is the editor of Nathaniel Mackey, Destination Out: Essays on His Work (U of Iowa Press, 2021), and the co-editor, along with Tyrone Williams, of Inciting Poetics: Thinking and Writing Poetry (Recencies Series, University of New Mexico Press, 2019).

Heuving is a professor in the Interdisciplinary Arts and Science program at the University of Washington (UW) Bothell and is on the graduate faculty in the English Department at UW Seattle. She founded the MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics at UW Bothell and served as its first director. She is the recipient of grants from the Fulbright Foundation, National Endowment for the Humanities, Simpson Humanities Center, and the Beinecke Library at Yale.



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